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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sci-Fi scene breakdown

I leapt into the scene breakdown today for Return To Gaia.

Each chapter got a single line designation. I did it from memory.

I was talking to Marc W, with whom I am staying at present in his townhouse in Fullarton, about the novel.

The high level logic is worked out well now. Low level logic is still unfolding. But because I have made so many notes over so many years, I was reluctant to write the scene breakdown (much less the prototype draft or first draft!) when so many pieces of plot would slip past unnoticed.

But then I remembered the saying “You only find research when you no longer need it,” and “Put your body in the way of change.” And I realised that I had to write the Scene Breakdown anyway, then I could change it within the context of the excitement generated by having written it. My own advice to advance forwards in the design process could easily be taken NOW, even though I was not ready.

Sure enough, much, maybe 80 percent of the plot, materialised at my fingertips last night and this morning.


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