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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Day After My Birthday

Yesterday I woke, unconscious, and saw Matthew off. Marc returned and I was still asleep.

We went to get a cat from the pound, and there I found my dream puss! A bluepoint siamese female, only 18 months old (so therefore a, um, a, Cancernian puss!) sleek and sad and gentle and miaowing her confusion at her having found herself in a pound. Poor girl.

I will pick her up on monday, if all goes well, then carry her home in a towel, if I cannot find a catbox. I should phone Sebastian and ask him; he has a cat.

I also tried to do an hour and a half of writing work, fiddling with my scene breakdown and toying with the toplevel logic of the project, steps one two and three. I ended up spending ages designing a rudimentary snowflake to help me imagine the basic structure better, and feeling then as if I had merely been messing around, playing. Then I began to think: maybe I am stuck.

But the reality is that I am not stuck, I am ignoring the work to next be done. Next I need to kindly review my accumulated years of notes on this novel, inserting scenes or subtracting as I do with this computer beside me. I can afford to do about an hour of that kind of thing today, and then I must be off.

By the way, after getting the cat I was whizzing about like a fly in a bottle, I was so excited. And then we had Chinese food and a snooze and I went to Maslin's beach for some nude sunbathing and met Daniel's mate (and now mine!) Robert of Sheffield. He was about to leave and invited me home for dinner later.

Then some blokes engaged me on the physical level of our being at a nude beach, so we talked about that for a while, and they gave me a lift to Roberts', which suited me fine, along with beer and chips while we were travelling and shooting the crap. Interesting couple. Hans was an ageless, 21 year old-looking massuer who said he was 47, and his partner, who physically looked utterly spent, dissipated, and crumbled, surely came in not less two decades older. Yet they both tested remarkably strong on the quick kinesiology test I did and both we sharp-witted, honest, and interesting, so it was lovely to talk with them.

At Robert's an Iranian mate of his was staying, to whom I became attracted enough to speak my mind as the night progressed. Robert of Sheffield, as I call him, spoke at length about the Revolutionary history of England, then we got onto the Orange Men and the causes behind the Irish Rebellion and North Ireland. Then it was time to view jpeg of Sheffield and surrounds, which were marvellous. I am sure one day England will be honored as the cradle of Anglo civilisation, perhaps even among the stars (who knows?).

I have a new friend, Craig. Craig is an astrologer, and because of my detailed knowledge of the field I immediately struck it off with him. We met Friday, during a motorshow of Gouger Street which had wonderful racing autos from every era parked along the street. I took him to the Hampshire and Myers and Borders and to the Bus, then waited 90 minutes while I found and got the bus back to Marc's house, with whom I have been staying the last four nights.

Well it is a nice rest from my present life, and now I am feeling happy to be here, in my own place. It has been an exciting time. I have come to ground on my own turf again, and I am different for the journey.


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