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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Contemplate This: Richard Rohr on Transformation:

Vulnerability is the only space in which transformation takes place. 

Allow the pain of other people to get inside them. Allow other people to change your life, especially the little ones. Allow the world's suffering to influence you. 

So people need to be more present to death. Not just going to the funeral; then it's too late.  You've got to be talking to the person at the death bed two weeks before, three weeks before. Because the veil gets very thin in those last weeks, and people say things and see things and know things. 

And people who were arrogant and invulnerable all their life, you sometimes see these transformations in the last two weeks of life. Get close to it and it's all you ened to change you. You can never live inside the isolated self again. 

So I would encourage people to draw close to death.

- Transliterated from a verbal interview.

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