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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Contemplate This: Success is a Goal, a Goal is a Habit, a Habit is a Set Daily Practice:

Brian Tracy writes:

A group of successful men once got together. They discussed the reasons why they had managed to achieve so much in life. The wisest man among them spoke up and said that: "Success is goals, and all else is commentary."

Charles Duhigg writes:

It occurred to me that the US Military is one of the biggest habit-formation experiments in history. Basic training teaches soldiers carefully designed habits for hot to shoot, think, and communicate under fire.

"Understanding habits is the most important thing I've learned in the army," the major told me. "It's changed everything about how I see the world. You want to fall asleep fast and wake up feeling good? Pay attention to your nighttime patterns and what you automatically do when you get up. You want to make running easy? Create triggers to make it a routine. I drill my kids on this stuff. My wife and I write out habit plans for our marriage... once you see everything as a bunch of habits, it's like someone gave you a flashlight and a crowbar and you can get to work."

Mark Houston says:

"You will observe in a monastery they do everything at the set time, 365 days a year. They taught me the value of discipline. That's why Monday through Friday, 4:30 AM, my feet are on the floor, because in times when the minions don't want to do it my feet are still on the floor because it's a habit. They taught me to find God in the pots and the pans in my dull boring mundane repetittive life. Wow! in washing dishes. In making toast. Find God in the pots and pans. They taught me all those things. They taught me the sacredness of all things, everything. What is not of God? So we handle everything as though it is of God. Woke me up to something again. You pick set times to do things, and you do them, regardless."

Practice, by Mark Houston:
Spiritual success is gained by daily cultivation. 
If you practice for the day, you have won.
If you are lazy for the day, you have lost.

Self-cultivation is the heart of spiritual attainment. 
Gaining insight and ability is not a matter of grand statements, 
dramatic initiations or sporadic moments of enlightenment,
Those things are only highlights in a life of consistent activity.

Whatever system of spirituality you practice, do it every day.
If it's prayer, then pray every day.
If it's meditation, then meditate every day.
If it is exercise, then exercise every day.
Only then will you be able to say that you are truly practicing spirituality.

This methodical approach is reassuring in several ways.

First, it provides you with a process and a means 
to maintain progress even if that particular day is not inspiring or significant. 
Just to practice is already good.

Second it will give you a certain faith. 
If you practice every day it is inevitable you will gain from it. 

Third, constant practice gives you a certain satisfaction:
how can you say to yourself you have truly entered your spiritual path, 
unless you have had years of daily practice 
and can take comfort in the momentum that it has given you?

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