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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Contemplate This: Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy on Turning Goals into Actions.

Anthony Robbins:

When people say "Teach me something new" I can tell they're not into mastery, because it's the consistent daily practices that make our lives a success.

The rule is: never, ever leave the site of a goal without first taking action to build momentum towards the achievement of that goal.

Brian Tracy:

The key to happiness is setting goals, working toward them day by day, and ulitmately achieving them. The very act of thinking about your goals makes you happy even before you have taken the first step toward achieiving them. You should make a habit of daily goal setting and daily goal achieving for the rest of your life.

You can release your full potential by continually working on being, having, and achieving more and more of the things you really want.

Imagine you have the inborn ability to achieve any goal you could ever set yourself? What do you really want to be, have, and do?

What are the activities that give you your greatest sense of meaning and purpose in life?

Look at your life today. How has your thinking created this? What should you change?

Do you think and talk about what you want most of the time - or what you don't want?

What price will you have to pay to achieve the goals that are most important to you?

What one action must you take immediately as a result of your answers to the above questions?

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