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Monday, April 21, 2008

Six animals in the sun

This morning I scrubbed the chopping board clean, dusted it in bicarb soda, brushed off the excess bicarb and then covered it in grapeseed oil. The bicard is antiseptic and the grapeseed oil conditions the wood chopping board to last the decades I require its services. In household items I value permanence more highly than anything else.

So I took the freshly oiled chopping board outside, my hands dripping grapeseed, and there I saw a menagerie.

Sue's dog Jazz and cat Billie, Kevin's dog Charlie, my cat Shakti, and Max's dog Ben all lounged around me in their respective backyards.

I propped the board up where a few hours of sunlight would sterilise and dry the oil into it, went and washed my hands clean, made a coffee, picked up Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby and went out to join them. Five animals outside in the sun cannot be wrong.



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