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Monday, April 21, 2008

Scientifically Based Skin Care and Skin Moisturizing

Former Body Shop owner Anita Roddick said that a good moisturizer should do two things: make the skin feel nicer and keep it moist. I would add that if you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin. The skin is just a million mouths, not a surface so much as a chemical conversation.

(If you inspect the crap that is put in shop moisturizers you will immediately see that if you put that stuff on your skin you will engage your body in a chemical conversation with the petrochemical business. If you want to make love to toxic waste man then go ahead.)

It follows also that any nutritious pure food will be nourishing for the skin. The key to understanding a good moisturizer is to look at what feels good in your mouth and tummy and to add a basic scientific understanding of what foods are good for the wellbeing of cells.

Skin is just cells, so what's good on that level is good on every level. So what's good for cells? In a word, variety.

The following list is intended for experiment:

- Lemon juice (antiseptic, vitamin c, bioflavinoids)
- Powdered spirulina (protein, polysaccarides, vitamins - overall construction materials for cells)
- Camomile (anti-inflammatory)
- Mineral salt (potassium-sodium balance, cell membrane)
- Apple cider vinegar (bioactivates minerals, antiseptic)
- Garlic juice (antibiotic, sulphur, selenium and trace minerals)
- Green tea (mild stimulant, astringent and anti-wrinkle skin tightener)
- Ginger juice, beetroot juice, and carrot juice (astrigents, anti-wrinkle, superb skin food)
- Onion juice (cleansing and astringent)
- Aloe vera pure extract (heals membranes and connective tissue).

Skin likes variety almost as much as the palate does: experiment and vary the moisturizer.

In addition to feeding the body through the skin, you can also feed the skin through the palate:

In my experience the best moisturizer of all is to eat omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in high amounts with an unrefined carbohydrate. I prefer LSA (linseed, sunflower and almond meal) with basmati rice. Within several hours my skin and hair is oily after eating them, and I simply wash off the excess oil with soap.

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