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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Imagine if time management actually worked...

Imagine if time management actually worked.

Imagine you could read a stupid book and poof!, become a high achiever.

Imagine a world with ten times more clutter, ten times more idiotic businesses selling ten times more inane products and trite services using ten times more vulgar salespeople.

Imagine ten times more tiresome people needing to check their ten times more absurd handheld electronic devices to get permission to meet you for a coffee date which is ten times longer time away.

This is a conservative view: if time management actually worked it might cause orders of magnitude more effective creation of crap than we presently suffer.

If time management worked it would be too dangerous to sell. Black Ops would seize palmpilots infected with time management, and lock them away like the Lost Ark.

Fortunately, time management is not a Black Art at this stage. It is simply a cult. And the time management cultists in the main part seem to be people who are not aware of their own values but love to play hard.

Fortunately for the world most people manage time like they have sex: they go as hard and fast as they can until they're fucked then fall asleep. We are blessed that no-one has created a time management system based around tantric values, releasing mobs of ego-inflated charismatics into the workplace.

We should count our lucky stars that no-one has created a time management that works.


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