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Friday, March 28, 2008

I hate hotmail

I hate hotmail. The last two days I have sat for several hours in front of the computer trying to register a hotmail account. Each time I fill out the page it just refreshes without any indication of what details need changing or adding. After running through random variation applications for a hotmail account I gave up. It only took five hours.

Then tonight I go on hotmail/msn/ to try registering again and it logs me into my new hotmail account immediately. Only problem is, it doesn't tell me which hotmail application it accepted, so I have no idea what the password is. So I have to go through the agonising rigmarole, so familiar from previous hassles with hotmail, of asking hotmail to reset my password.

I reset, and then I sign out and sign back in, and the password I just chose will not work. I have to re-apply to re-set the new hotmail password I just re-applied to re-set!!

It is at this point we leave off this hotmail tragedy with our hero cursing msn in the worst language he can think of yet again. I decided the least I could do was blog about what a miserable, hassle-filled, incomprehensible, time-consuming, unpredictable, difficult, and annoying process it is trying to get a hotmail account.

I remember when hotmail was once actually a good service. That was long before microsoft purchased it. Now it is shit and I only want it because of the IM capacity, and it is making me a miserable hotmail customer yet again. I hate hotmail.


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