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Friday, February 08, 2008

What I totally hate about classical music

You know what I totally hate about classical music?

When I play a "keyboard" concert, say by Bach, and someone's decided to use a piano instead of a harpsichord. What, couldn't they be assed hiring a harpsichordist?

Or even worse, if I hear a "string" concert, say by Handel, and someone's playing a guitar. As if that isn't the most overused and overrated instrument in the entire field of music. Why not use a lute like he intended?

Here's the deal for the next few decades and probably centuries:Piano and guitar are auditory cliches. They are passe already. They are so common they are the musical version of oxygen and nitrogen.

Simply put: when I hear a violin or lute or harpsichord my heart leaps; when I hear a guitar, my belly rumbles for a hamburger.


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