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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Watching a documentary on Warhol

I'm watching a documentary on Andy Warhol. Notions which interest me:

- The nature of desire depends on a gap between the image and the reality of the desired object. Therefore the only way to reproduce desire in art is to ABSENT the key element of emotion from it.

- The intellectual in society is merely the expression of the subjective essence of the personal. There is nothing deliberate about intellectualism; it spontaneously appears from the individual. The Campbells Soup cans are Warhol's childhood icons, the essential experience of nourishment in a poverty-ridden background.

- Dennis Hopper says that Warhol's first exhibition was "the return of the real" in modern art.

- What is exciting, and what is boring? In fact erotic items are both depending on the subjective degree of arousal in the observer.


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