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Friday, December 30, 2005

Should I include Dante's Commedia in my top novels?

Should I include Dante's Commedia in my top novels?

For this idea: the wisdom, symettry, historical depth, philosophical profundity, poetic speed and muscle, the rich lode of image and idea. It's a bestseller and a popularisation.

Against the idea: it's another not-novel. It's notoriously difficult to get thru in translation. I have doubts about it's merit as a teacher of bestsellers because it's pilgrimage-style structure is hardly novelistic. It is more a static fresco than a dynamic structure. It is like the sistine chapel.

Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise are all treasures of moral insight and wisdom. But is it useful for this end? I think not.

I will mull it over some more.


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