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Monday, May 30, 2005

NASA and a space flight experiment

The Wright brothers used a wind tunnel to test out variations on flight fast, covering the territory that took birds millions of years in only a few months.

Why can we not develop a "wind tunnel" for space travel?

It costs millions to laugh a ship out of the atmosphere and to re-enter. Why not replicate these conditions mechanically on earth and try out a whole bunch of nutty "solutions". The reality is that the costs need to be an order of magnitude lower and the opportunities of space flight a magnitude greater for space flight to, literally, take off.

Likewise with orbital re-entry. Why not invest in a program to simulate it with sufficient complexity to discover how to do it with ease?

It is also interesting that NASA tests weak with kinesiology. To do its job it would have to calibrate over 400 on the Hawkins scale, and instead it calibrates below 200.

So NASA joins the other disintegrous organisations, such as the United Nations and the World Bank, that do not have sufficient intrinsic power to do their jobs.


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