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Monday, February 28, 2005

Simulated "first drafts" and Nancy Kress

I found and read Nancy Kress' "Beginnings, Middles and Endings." It was marvellous.

Now my unconscious mind, given a formal structure decades more experienced than what I have used, is working to build stories like mad! As Shakti woke me today, stories were churning over in my mind like a turbulent river after snow has melted.

Kress, interestingly, recommends that makebelieve that you write a "simulation" instead of a "great story" because that simulation, when and if finished, will look like a first draft.

The rest of the book is such marvellous detailed work that it would take much time to detail, as much time as could be spent applying it. I made copious notes, anyway.


Blogger WryterBoi said...

Hey Paul,

Can you explain more about the concept of writing a simulation? You haven't explained it fully enough here for me to grasp the idea.


8:15 PM


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