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Sunday, February 27, 2005

A request for assistance with The History of Excellence

I just sent the following email to the spiritual group I belong to online:

'At present I am working on a nonfiction book entitled:
"The History of Excellence: Twenty Three Tales About
What's Wonderfully Right About Human Nature".

'Much of this project involves recontextualising the
central institutions and traditions of human societies
in the context of unconditional love, acknowledging
them as complete and perfect expressions of Divine

'In many ways it is a popularisation, in the useful
sense of bringing abstract teachings to a wider
audience, of the spiritual principles I have learnt
through Dr Hawkins' writing.

'So I'm wondering how I might be able to get advice or
feedback from other spiritual students on the work.
None of the 23 stories are relevant enough to post on
the Group, obviously.

But perhaps you can recommend a course of action?'

It's basically a request for dedicated readers. I'll keep you posted on what unfolds.


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