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Friday, February 25, 2005

A Dream about thte History project

I woke up today after a fairly dramatic dream. A dark haired wrecked man was wandering around lamely with a certain magical tarot park. I stole the tarot pack from him, and then fell into this beachside park and tried to find a space to deal the cards but there wasn't enough space, because each card would fill the park up and ruin everyone's holiday, so I slunk down a street and into a dark house seeking a place to deal the cards, and couldn't find them.

Then I understood from the cards that the wreck had borrowed them from the library and I was therefore to return them if I didn't want to get in trouble. I looked and I saw I had them for a month, and I felt bad that I had taken them from the wreck, who had no use for them anyway.

The Shakti my cat woke me up and I was aware that the book project I mentioned earlier (the History of Excellence) is loosely based around the 23 major arcana, in just the sense that it forms an interlocking matrix of ideas and concepts and imagery, not in the traditional sense.

This maybe signifies that I have a month to write it in, and then I must effectively return the idea to the library from whence it came. It has to be wondered how effective the unconscious is in turning out work... since I consciously don't think this enough time given what's on my plate.

The way I visualise it is as 23 reports which I can sell separately. Each report makes several main points and tells a story around that point, and then gives a section of 'Ways to apply this idea'. I'll start now and see how I go!


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