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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Friday. Return To Gaia/Biotech Age writing contemplations

I woke up with my friend Grayowl ringing from the Sunshine Coast. Turns out we have a second degree contact: Wayne, who visited my friends on Kangaroo Island, is partnered with Grayowl's mate Kai. Small world!

I then stumbled around talking to cats until the kettle had boiled a coffee. I sat down and reread my scribblings last night without enough savvy to even be bewildered. What was I writing? Huh?

Then coffee and ginseng kicked in and I felt a sudden savage surge of inspiration. I opened by my novel and began to write.

By the time the unconscious mind (thanking you!) had finished its marvellous work, I had written two thousand words. Lynette had finished her visit with Gurnanji, a scene which had stumped me for it's unexpected plot implications for two weeks or more. And Gurnanji had discussed and set up the subplot with the Tibetan rebels, aka the "Shambalists" lol, in reference to the myth of Shambala, the totalitarian new age paradise proposed by barbaric Tibetans. So the unconscious mind has rather marvellously set up the first and second Gaian experiments, up til the midpoint of the book, and I am greatly relieved.

So now it's out of the yak soup pan and into the Beijing political scene of 2050....aaargh! It's true, I admit: I have not got a very clear intent yet about what to do here, because the part played by the Chinese elite families is so radical and far-reaching in implications that I guess I can't quite trace it back through the plot to the present moment yet. I'm not quite sure what to set up here.

Anyways, I submitted the second chunk of chapters to with a second request for regular readers and accompanying sales pitch. The piece I am writing, when I compare it to the relatively few critters pieces I have reviewed, is fairly challenging text, so I reckon I will get an interested response from the right people sooner or later. Or I may have to simply track down and invite a microbiologist to read my novel, LOL.

Anyway, what follows here is an indepth contemplation of the setup and payoff in the coming chapters of the The Biotech Age. If writerly machinations don't interest you, STOP READING. :-))


I know Valery defects to the Chinese after the first Gaian experiment, and flees to Australia to be with his father after the catastrophic second Gaian experiment. But how he exactly fits in with the Chinese... nope. No idea.

I HAD held the vague sense that the Chinese would somehow be aware of the first Gaian experiement a-brewing in the United States, but this is not carried out by the facts. The US itself only recently innovated this technology. It is available nowhere else. So the Chinese are blind in the biotech-political sphere...

...But not in the sphere of money and power itself! And that is where the relationship with Lynette will unfold!


In the coming chapters we finally get to the Lynette the Political Animal and Aristotelian elitist, the public feminist who advocates sustainable business structures to liberate women from nature and not just from men, and the shrewd business woman who introduced solar desalination to the middle east and brought peace to the Afghan, Persian, and Iraqi peoples through the marketplace. Her manipulations of the markets in southern Middle East will be known to the Chinese, so it is a matter (o unconscious mind!) of projecting how elite Chinese plutocrats would respond to her presence in 2050 China.

So the plot then rests mainly on what I think China will be like in 2050! LOLOLOL (thankyou for your help, unconscious mind!)

Well, that's all from me today, Friday. I'm off to pay stuff and do other adult stuff. It's Friidayyyy!


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