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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Researching Tibet for Gaia Project/Space elevator story 3/Nazism

Last night, my head full of concepts, I wandered over to my neighbour's house where she was playfighting her lover Willie. I talked a little about what I'd been learning, and related it back to the Gaia Project thus:

Statement: My main character is on a drug to increase his intelligence.

Question: Where did he get the drug?

A: From his father, who is also on it but not since early childhood.

Q: Where did his father get it?

A: From his employer, who got it from his wife.

Q: Where did his wife get it?

A: From her female teachers in a private government school.

Q: And where did these teachers get it?

A: From experimental combinations of Tibetan-Chinese herbs and certain practices, then followed up by the students who did these practices and pinpointed the exact chemistry behind it with their increased intelligence and created the drug.

Q: Cool, everything's nice and EXPLAINED now. But I just have one problem.

A: What is it?

Q: What the hell am I going to do with all this backstory. I mean, it goes back to the friggin present day! How am I gonna explain all this stuff to the reader somehow!?

A: Change the plot to include a Tibetan episode.

Q: Then I clearly have to read up on Tibetan culture, geography, politics, society, religion and medicine.


So that perhaps explains what I have been reading for the past week. Tibet Tibet Tibet.

Thismorning I began one of the 'Space Elevator' stories, the third listed in the blog entry yesterday, "The First 12-Step Recovery Group In Space." I opened with insensate violence and the main characters, um, death and vision of an ancient god in the afterlife.

Anyway. Moving right along now.

The kids were drinking rum and coke. I had a coffee. Each of them declared that I intelligence and had a good heart, but that I had 'blockages'. This was because I explained Leary's neuro-genetic method of detailing caste and temporal caste to them.

Earlier that night I had detailed the links between Nazism and radical Tibetan Buddhism to Craig on msn, and I find myself going, like, NOW who's the bad guy? China or Tibet???!!!

So these are the thoughts of my day.


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