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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A marvellous discovery of a new paradigm

Reading Chris Lofting's "Integration, Differentiation and Meaning" I have made an absolutely thrilling discovery. Lofting uses material explanation in an entirely new and significant fashion, exploring the problem of human consciousness as an embedded phenomena in a larger nonlinear physical field of light, and, it seems, beneath that the combinative nonlinear processes of life themselves.

I am frankly a little stunned and wary. Here is a use of words in an entirely new way to me, and it will require a lot more study and careful attention. But I can smell the sophisticated brilliance of this man's thinking, and it is very exciting to encounter it.

The biggest problem in life is that it ends. With that in mind, things must be relegated to a cursory examination given the probable existence of countless treasures elsewhere. But with this kind of work as Lofting's I have the good sense at least to STOP and LOOk and LEARN. And it is marvellously exciting.


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