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Friday, February 11, 2005

Brain stuff, feminism and DNA

Spent the early arvo online and the morning asleep.

I have had an interesting arvo though.

I opened a new group on yahoo called Maps of Consciousness, to put the new stuff I'm learning into.

I searched through some of the Maps of the last three decades and put em in the group site.

I looked through a lovely site called at feminist-based maps of consciousness. A noble quote: "Until "Goddess" can be spoken with the same dignity and comprehensiveness as "God", partnership is not possible."

Then I entered for the first time in several years, finding it now somewhat gloomy and bleak in it's cyberpunk retro-80s orientation. Got the links there and got out without too much distraction.

Then, triggered by the I went to wikipedia to look into Hofstadter's recursive USE-MENTION artificial intelligence structure, the nam-shub of Mesopotamia (lethal memes), and the use of recursive ideas in Science Fiction (Snow Crash, 2001: A Space Odyysey; and Piers Anthony's Marcoscope).

Then I wandered into the DNA-as-intelligent-designer world and glanced about at the various mythopoetic schools. Interesting how Zeus at one stage was a serpent, at a latter stage a serpent killer, and at a still latter stage reliant on his samboghakaya emanation Athena (Reason) to kill the damn thing. It is instructive also to look at the next stage of the myth, which is not mentioned:

The Athena-Reason emanation, emanating from the Dharmakaya body of Zeus, emanates in turn the nirmanakya body of feminist geneticists and feminist scientists, who then bite men under the influence of Zeus and allow them to die unless they suckle from the breast of Athena.

Now the interesting theme here for the Gaia Project relates to the role of females in Chinese village life. If everyone must suckle from the head woman of the village, the central patriarchy can no longer survive, and the Chinese must subordinate to the larval hive queen of the village and her curative powers of the breast.

In terms of the Persian, Sikh and Indian mythos, the dominance of women can take variations on a theme to express different aspects of the Dakini Diamond-Vajra awareness marketed with esoteric Tibetan Buddhism. The Persians swerve from the Goddess worship into homosexual warrior cults a la Alexander of Macedonia and the Spartans; hence the cross-infection of Greek and Persian ways becomes complete. The Sikh approach of sacrificing outcastes on the obisidian block of Gaian recorders is a atrapopaion, a warding-off Gorgon mask of horror to get rid of Mother Nature. The Indian approach is the careful geneticist approach of the Indian peasant creating basmati rice, applied to people. The women carefully select their partners from a massive available pool of competing men based on discernable traits of improvement, and the breeding cycle is hastened accordingly.

Finally, in the second book of Gaia, the Thai and Balinese projects must have their own discernable traits. Possibly the Chinese culture cross-infects the Thai, but I think it more likely the Thai genepool breeds in reaction against rather than assimilates the Chinese, who represent a threat to Thai solidarity.

At present I am listening to Jeremy Narby's mpeg of how knowledge of the plants comes from the plants themselves, the "tv of the jungle". Jungle rhythms underlie the speech enchantingly and a laughing audience fill it with joy. This is truly the Gaian tone of speech I seek for the second book of Gaia. Marvellous stuff!


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