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Thursday, February 10, 2005

One good reason to visit China

Here is one good reason to visit, but not stay, in China:

"The Chou dynasty (1122-249 B.C.) produced the affluence, security and self-confidence necessary for a philosophic blossoming:  Confucius, Laotze and Mencius.  Here we note the characteristic of Oriental thought.  It is terminal, soothing, quiescent.  Confucius outlines the rules of insectoid-caste conduct which can keep the hive-game going harmoniously.  Laotze sings his rhythmic song of cycles, easy-come, easy-go, cool-out, be-here-now passivity.  You can understand why.  There was no place to go!

Stand on the China coast in the 6th Century B.C.  You've got the wasteland of the Pacific Ocean at your back.  And, with no compass or marine technology, that's a dead end.  In front of you there's 6000 miles of mammalian territory that's all signed, sealed, and mortgaged, locked up by kingdoms, empires, duchies, brigand-tribes.  Each suspiciously confronting neighboring units.

So by 1000 B.C., all the gene-pools ready to move up into the future are collecting in the Middle-East waiting for the marine-technology and navigational skill to sail up the great inter-cerebral fissure called the Middle-Earth Sea."

From the intelligence agents.


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