Gaia is the word for "unity-of-life-processes". The experiment here is to unify the various threads of voice and sense of self together into an undivided unity. Spirituality, economics, politics, science and ordinary life interleaved.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On Starting Again: A Procrastination Inventory.

I've done updating of programs and operating systems on computers; I've reviewed news from every continent of the planet; I've put on the clothes washing machine; I've cooked and eaten two meals; I've made acerbic observations into the insipidly rarefied atmosphere of social media, which will be ignored and come to nothing; I've downloaded and posted to my kindle two books; I've emoted in various ways about my procrastination, and finally, I'm writing this piece too.

When I get scared and negative instead of positive and focused on my goal, I fall into messing about doing rubbish for a little while until I wake up again and go "Hold on a second, I really would much much love and prefer to be doing THIS". 

Because, after all, being negative about your goals has one of two meanings, doesn't it?

Either being negative is just a rehearsal for quitting 


Being negative is a prior and necessary condition to hitting bottom... and starting again.

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