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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Best. Proust. Title. Evarrr.

I feel sure these English Translations of the title of A la Rechere du Temps Perdu would have been disapproved of by Marcel Proust.

The Old Penguin Translation:
Rememberance of Things Past.

The New Penguin Translation:
In search of lost time.

The Bukowski translation:
Seeking Past, Getting Wasted.

The Albert Einstein traslation:
An experiment in wasted time.

The Complete Variorum Deluxe Edition Academic translation:
Results Observational and A Priori Experimental Research Program on the Nature of Time as the Objective Sense of Dissipative Waste and the Subjective Sensation of Regret For Past Loss.

The Hunter F. Thompson translation:
Lost and Wasted in the Trips of the Past.

The Charles Lyell translation:
Speculations on Processes Operating in the Discovery of Epochs of Geology-like Detritus.

The Adam Smith translation:
On Seeking The Causes of Past Lost Productivity.

The Confucius translation:
On The Rites of Paying Respect to Intoxicated Ancestors

The Charles Darwin translation:
On the experiment of maturation in regards to loss of neonate traits through higher cognitive processes of reflection.

The Gangsta Rap translation:
All About Checkin' Out Past Ho's Sleepin Round Behind My F**ken Back.

And my version of the most literal translation? I like this one best: I think Marcel would approve, quite honestly, because it is funny and serious and strange exactly like the original title is:

On research into wasted time.

Best. Proust. Title. Evarrr.


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