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Saturday, February 02, 2008

On my new neighbours

Normally I like hearing my neighbours having sex. It reassures me on an animal level that, yes, they are not just the social masks I get to see between my house and the letterbox.

However, a disturbing trend seems to be developing with my immediate next door neighbours. The sounds of their afternoon delight came to me the other day while I was reading, and they were unusual in their prolonged intensity. There was an aggressive and grasping edge to the females several moaning crescendos which disturbed me. She is a little yellow skinned girl with sunken eyes, and her bricklike partner was nothing if not efficient at his work.

There was a period of absolute silence from them for two and a half days, then they argued violently, then sex. Then silence again.

I uneasily detect a pattern emerging tonight of codependency and pot addiction in the girl, combined with undifferentiated aggressive maleness in the boy. The girl left "for good" and has now returned and insisted on staying in the same house where he has made her unwelcome. I find the guy a whole lot more sensible than the girl. She needs to get out before her codependent passive aggression triggers him to hit her.


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