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Sunday, February 03, 2008

How to be rewarded financially for your creativity

There are three kinds of creative people:

First, the dreamers who do nothing towards creating their dreams.
Second, the dreamers who create their dreams.
Third, the dreamers who create their dreams and earn a good or great living, directly or indirectly, from their creations.

Based on the 80-20 principle: The first group, the dreamers who do nothing, accounts for MORE THAN three quarters, or more than 75 percent of all creative people. The second group, the dreamers who act accounts for LESS THAN 20 percent of all creative people. Most significantly, the third group who are rewarded for their creativity accounts for LESS THAN 4 percent of all creative people.

To creative types, then, I have questions:

Which of the three categories are you in?
A. Those who dream and create little or nothing.
B. Those who create, finish their creating and create some more.
C. Those who are rewarded for creating.

If you are in A. or B., then the next question is: Who are three creative people who are rewarded in the way you would like to be rewarded for creating stuff more or less like yours? Write three names down.

Then ask and invent three answers to each of the following questions:
1. What do they do differently to me?
2. What do they do that I don't do?
3. What don't they do that I do do?

Reflect, compare and contrast, in the form of between 3 sentences and 300 words, on what these differences mean to you and how you understand them: specifically, trace action and consequence for your and their actions, examine motives and ethos, and check for blind spots.

Now, instead of forcing yourself to change, just let it go for a while. Go off and stare at something mysterious. Listen to something trickle or purr. Sense your body stretch or respire. Whatever takes you out of your head.

Then, when you are ready, go back to your list and choose the first thing to do differently.

When I asked a very successful musician how he got into a position where he was abundantly rewarded for his creativity and his reply was revealing. He just did what he did and ended up getting paid for it. Simple. There is no talk about personal growth or any such rubbish in this man. He is a great example of how natural and easy it is to create and be rewarded for it.

Every creative field is different. You need to find out for yourself what works by actually living out something for a while. You can't think your way into being creative. You have to act your way into it.

Want to know how to be rewarded financially for your creativity? Reflect on what works and doesn't work, compare what works and what doesn't work, constrast motives and habits, let go of fears and doubts and overthinking.

Then do something different, do something done by someone who is highly successful in your creative field. Do it for a good long while and see how it works. That's the only real way forward, which would be depressing if it were not also the most pleasureable way to live imaginable.


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