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Thursday, November 08, 2007

On Aussie Election Falsehoods

"81 % of labor politicians are anti-business union officials" a billboard on South road tells me.

I muscle test the statement "union officials are anti-business." False. I muscle test the billboard as a whole. It tests weak.

Fi Fie Foh Fum
I smell the blood of a non sequitur.

It doesn't follow - does it? - that being a unionist makes you anti-business. It might make you "anti-" unfair or inhumane treatment of workers by business, for true or false.

The coalition under Mr Howard are in a spot. They can try to smear their opponents by the above falsehoods, and if elected continue business as usual, or they can come up with some new ideas and risk losing their existing support.

I see the election this way. For the liberals, its a popularity contest. For the labor party its about time for change.

Who has the strong message here?


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