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Thursday, September 27, 2007

On the KLF's song America What Time is Love

I’m watching the KLF song: America What Time is love. I'd like to share a few thoughts.

First of all, this song is a part of a remarkably small musical genre: the song is genuine science fiction!

It’s explicitly set 1000 years after the discovery of the Americas, depicting a rediscovery by ectstatic black or perhaps an alternative universe.

That said, and to accurate, this song is a also a wise satire. The ironies are so thick they almost overwhelm the power of the song itself, which is really saying something. A few notably sublime ironies:

- The band, which is British, samples the Chorus of the song “Aquarius”, has the three Fates from Wagner campily gesturing towards the Manifest Destiny of the Americas.

- The song is powerfully revisionist: It is set on a boat where a black man is captaining.

- They set the boats afire like Cortez was said to and wade ashore.


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