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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How to Prevent the Diseases of Affluence: Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes

Here are my five Observations On The China Study, apropos of resolving the diseases of affluence:

How come the China study is not being trumpeted from the rooftops in the media? Because there is no public interest in this kind of study at present. But this lack of interest begs the question: what kind of study is the China study?

Here are five things the China study demonstrably is:

1. Authoritative. The China study is authoritative. It would seem to be frankly the most authoritative study ever done on nutrition, disease and lifestyle. Because of its authoritative nature, questions about nutrition are answers conclusively. They are answered once and for all.

2. Wisdom and Insight. The results of the China study signify not simply erudition but wise insight also. The hallmark of this study is a complete recontextualization of nutrition as a phenomenon greater than the sum of its parts. The core conclusion states:

“Don’t worry too much about single nutrients, single foods, or single supplements. Simply eat from the right food groups (whole foods, like vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds...) and you will have a diet that is exceptionally rich in health-promoting factors.”

3. Simplicity and Sophistication. It’s not simply about food nutrition values but about food combinations and groups. This simple insight is in the order of a first principle of nutrition. By understanding this wisdom one can apply it to a thousand different eating patterns and food combinations and never grow tired of the variety. There is the power of a new paradigm in the simplicity of the China study.

4. Truthful. This is the main reason why the China study will not become a fad or a hit: it tells the truth about our eating habits. By drawing clear correlations between dairy consumption and prostate cancer, for instance, it enables a clear and informed choice on relative risks to be made. People who are invested in ritual or cultural mythologizations of food are not interested in an honest review of the consequences of their eating.

5. Extraordinary Good Value. Last but not least, this book provides that most rare of publishing phenomena: extraordinary good value to the reader. Not only does it provide all the above, it also delves into the fascinating biochemistry of Vitamin D and provides key insight on why our ancestors had plenty of vitamin B12 – and it shows how and why we can use this information for our health and wellbeing. Furthermore, it provides dozens of sophisticated analyses of food groups, cultural mores, disease vectors, and other patterns, making it a treasure trove of insights into the human food ecology.

The China Study cannot compare favourably to the other books of its kind on the market. Have a look:

China Study: Diet Books:

Authoritative Marketing-driven.
Wise and insightful advice Extreme, imbalanced advice.
Simple, sophisticated Complicated and “user-friendly”
Truthful and unpalatable Pursuasive and marketable
Extraordinary good value Hype, glamourization, faddish

As you can see, there is little chance the mass media will latch onto the amazing China Study diet craze in the near future. Fortunately, however, this wonderful book is available everywhere now and the summary of findings is uploaded in PDF format at

To your health!


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