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Sunday, September 23, 2007

First post after months away

It's been a number of months since I posted here. A private journal has sufficed. This blog is so full of stuff, sometimes it feels like I have nothing more to add to the junkyard of words present already.

I have a houseguest for two days. It's been one night already and about enough. I find it unpleasant to have someone around - I force myself to maintain the speaking and social parts of my personality just in case I am required to react to the presence of my houseguest... it's akin to low level anxiety, fight or flight. It's only two days, I tell myself. But I don't enjoy it much, nor does the cat; she wanders about indecisively, climbs onto the guest's lap then doesn't like the strange smell of the yucky deodorant he wears and hops off again then repeats.

My mum rang me with news of the family dramas this morning. My sister rang my cousin and unwittingly unleashed a torrent of melodrama from my mother's side of the family. I almost glow with indifference at the shenanigans of the maternal family.

I read the first Gaia book over last night. It's good. Lots of dialogue and ideas, and scant action, but still good. Improveable. The second Gaia book (of three) stands at ten thousand words length, and has considerable more action just in those few pages. I guess I was bored so I departed from the plan a little. I was stalled trying to grok the kind of everyday life the terrorist bad guys lived, until I realized they live like anyone who has free electricity and water and housing - any damn way they wish to live. That kind of radical self-determining liberty is a key aspect of the Gaia worldview: what if an abundant economy, personal liberty, potentially limitless control over nature and human nature all emerge in the future - what kind of world problems and opportunities have we got then?

It's interesting work and I'm plodding a bit. But it's nevertheless interesting



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