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Monday, October 30, 2006

More and Better Still to Come

I'm having a bit of a rough day today... first my morning appointment was cancelled, then I quite simply forgot about my noon appointment and let someone down, and then I simply felt scattered and unwilling to focus, so I lay down with my purring puss for a moment and let the sense of anxiety and incompletion drain from my body and mind and now I feel like clay that too much water has passed over at once, etched with the vicissitudes of the moment and passive to whatever must next unfold.

Strangely enough, I then became quite busy in an unthinking way, and went about cleaning up and doing a few small things like getting water for the cat and clearing the kitchen table and putting on some legumes for dinner. That kind of stuff.

And yes I am feeling quite serene in point of fact for having accepted the state of things today for me... there's no harm in feeling fuzzy minded and still going about my business, and no dramas in having to do things a little slower than usual.

In any case, it is my intention to feel good about this whole process and in fact some good may come of it... I feel as if I am marshalling my energies for a leap forwards. So the one thing one can say that is really positive today is: more and better still to come!


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