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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to Solve Problems by Writing a Note

1. Open up your email program, type in your own email address, then choose a brilliant subject line that perfectly encapsulates your particular problem.

2. In the body of the message, start by typing a 2-3 sentence paragraph summarizing the trouble you’re having, with a focus on coolly describing exactly what you want to accomplish as well as what happens when you try the approach that hasn’t been working for you.

3. Next, explain the ways you’ve already tried to solve this problem. Feel free to use Google as you go; fact-checking yourself, choosing precise language, and ensuring that you’ve framed the right problem.

4. Outline 3-5 possible causes for the problem, if you haven’t already stumbled upon 1 or 2 new solutions

5. Go back and read your email as if you’re the smartest, busiest person you know — like it’s not actually your problem. What’s missing? What would you suggest they try first?

Inspired by Merlin Mann's site,


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