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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Australian Banks

The Commonwealth, and ANZ banks test weak using the kinesiology test. The National Bank and Bendigo Bank both test strong, at 250 on the Hawkins calibration scale, which is pretty cool. There are community financial societies that calibrate in the 300s, a few at least, which are due to their dedication to social benefits and a high ethical standard. Westpac, the last of the big 4 banks, tests at 202.

It is interesting that three of the big 4 test weak; only the National tests strong of the biggest banks. It would be nice to see some of the integrous American, Chinese and British banks begin to make inroads to Australia.

When a friend who worked for the National Bank had health problems, the bank went beyond the extra mile to help him; giving him several months support, personal banking at an extremely low interest rate, access to a credit card at low interest rate, counselling and other support options, and personal checkins after he decided not to return to work. It speaks volumes about the bank’s culture.

I reckon the National Bank would be pretty nice to work with for an investment loan. Just my two cents.


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