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Sunday, December 05, 2004

My day

I woke at 5:47 and crawled out of bed with the cat complaining. (My cat Shakti is a Siamese and instead of calling her incessant speech a complaint I will now call it an aria henceforth). I did yoga and slowly slowly woke. I got online and did a bit more googling on the word "meritocracy", which is my big passion at the moment.

I began to rearrange the house today. I put a feng shui fountain on my desk and put up a beautiful blue and purple drape over the door. I moved my armchair and dunny bookcase and 2 boxes of paper into the kitchen where I plan to throw much of it out. I moved my bookcase to the area of the house that is designanted as the "knowledge" area with feng shui, right beside my yoga mat. I put crystals and a little statue of Quan Yin in the corner of the bathroom, the wealth area in feng shui, and covered three of the four drains there to stop the outflow of "chi".

There remains however systemic problems. What to do about the paper everywhere mostly.

I have spent most of today with Shakti on my lap, and when I work she regales me with an aria, whether I am in the mood to be sung to or not.

I am working on a treasure map on my computer. A treasure map is a collection of imagery which indicate long term goals. The idea is to free yourself up to focus on the concrete day to day details by engaging your visual mind constantly with the long term context. It's now late afternoon and I have not gone out yet which is just about typical for my time at this house at the moment.

I should probably mention here that I have applied for a job on Kangaroo Island. Should I get it, my time here is short in this house. I will have to move and find a new place and so on and so forth. I will likely spend Xmas in KI and the new year there too handling the influx of tourists for the new season. It would be a very very BIG change for me!!!

I have a feeling that I could somehow make this place better, a vague idea I know, but honestly I know the dramatic increase in income would do more to make my life overall better than virtually anything, whilst the retreat to isolated KI would help me avoid temptations and better examine the forms of negativity that unconsciously hold me back


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