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Sunday, October 31, 2004

How to outline a SF book

Outlining is the tool for creating public stories, stories involving a drama that has necessary, powerful, and unavoidance conflict.

Private stories need no outlining because their satisfaction is different. But for public stories it is useful to know the following facts:

The human mind works less by reason than by pattern recognition. Stories that are told in a classic pattern are by definition of appeal to more human beings, so in writing a story that is public-oriented, it is important to structure a story deliberately and consciously.

This is not a natural skill. Storytelling orally is learnt as a child, and the skill of telling a large scale story is not natural at all. It must be learnt, consciously or not. It is safe, as a beginning writer, to assume the skill is not simply there by virtue of your having lived your life.

So, here is a fantastic outlining tool,starting organically and expanding ina snowflake pattern into a novel. It appears to not only save time but also make writing the usually painful first draft actually enjoyable.

My only criticism is that the instructions are not clearly written enough for me. As a result, I will be adapting them for this blog later on. Click on:

and enjoy!


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