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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

"How do I get traffic to my Web site?"

Scroll down a little to hear some of the finest good sense I've heard in a long time about what gets someone to read.

Someone, somewhere wants to read what you have written. Mostly they will not unless you make it available. And mostly it will not impact their lives until you learn how to communicate better.

This is something that shows how I have a lot to learn. Tonight I took the opening chapters of Gaia and rewrote them as a screenplay. From novel to screen play need not be a big leap, but WOW I can't believe how non-visually I have communicated what I have to say. How obscure! So it helps to look further afield.

These few paragraphs at the link above will tell you an awful lot about writing solid sci-fi.

"Content begets traffic." In other words, having a strong moral message enables drama to exist, which in turn enables the plot and events to flow excellently and well into play.

Here's another gem:

"Intimidated about producing content? Keep an eye on your email: I find that sometimes I send 5-10 paragraph email messages to some lists that turn out to be very nice little articles unto themselves with just the tiniest tweaks."

Browsing as a source of inspiration, I can truly relate to! How can you develop the little stuff into the big. Orson Scott Card talks about how to deal with competing ideas on his website where he basically either tries to stomp the new ideas into the old or just spends a few hours on development then leaves it alone or leads it along further to see where it goes.

Excellent stuff!


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