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Saturday, October 02, 2004

I live like a rosy-cheeked peasant

I found a library DVD about intermediate yoga which I did last night and learnt a lot from it. The postures were good and vigorous, and the viyama, the paced breathwork, excellent. I will return to it tonight after dark.

Three days before I had gone to gym, and the soreness in my pectorals and arousal of my immune system had me keen to stretch, cos it’s hard to relax with knotted up muscles. Then today I had a visual flash of insight: my body showed me the interior of the pectoral being repaired BY the immune system. Aha, I thought, that is the purest sensawunda experience, the very essence of good science. No wonder the throat gets sore and inflamed... after the workout, that’s when the immune system gets its workout in repairing.

And so I have been using garlic, ginger, onion, and raw food to augment this process. In case you didn’t know, the first three augment the immune system, respectively, by introducing a wide spectrum antibiotic, a chi booster, and a blood and liver purifyer. The raw food works by lending the stomach digestive enzymes so that the immune system need not manifest it’s own enzymes to the task of digesting hot food. All in all, I am smelling very sensual and rich to myself, and rather foul to others... :-)

Since I have given up coffee my digestion has altered, mainly slowed, but also lost its sharp efficacy in digesting heavy proteins. Which is interesting but the absorbsion of carbo appears nevertheless as regular and stable as always. No doubt the sugar highs and lows induced by caffein stripping the ATP from the cells were what induced the ADD-like behavior in my.

My main concern now is twofold: firstly, the adrenelain-flight or flight program in my body is now relaxing slowly, it seems, for the first time in many months. All of a sudden I have discovered the ability, seemingly out of the blue of clarity from caffeine addiction, to observe crazy thoughts and contradict them. I wait and see how effective this is in behavior modification, since writing them down seems to cause great turbulence in the adrenelain curcuit... as if the fight or flight trigger had become harnessed to internal dialog, thus causing the anxiety. It is very interesting to observe.

As I lay in bed, and several times through today, the fear that I am wasting my life recurred, and I simply contradicted it with the words: I am happy and clean just for today. Did it vanish? Do I care?

It is mysterious, this process.

One thing that seems to cause me suffering is my addiction to reading. The fact it seems innocent enough, and does not yet cause me enough suffering and pain to address, is sufficient for me to know at the moment.

This weekend I have devoted to the task of building a compost heap worth its name, and cleaning my entire house, and doing the co-op shopping. Unfortunately I read til 3 am so I couldn’t get to the co-op, which opens only in the morning. So I have read and cooked, washed dishes and clothes, and sunbathed gently for a few minutes at a time...

mmm life is pretty good.

healthy food (homemade tomato soup with kidney beans), sun, a great book (“Ender’s Shadow” again, by Orson Scott Card, again), and some decent work for the weekend.

I live like a rosy-cheeked peasant.


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