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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Plot Complications... "NO, it's NOT okay!!"

Well, the title of this entry's deceptive. My life is the plot complications.

I registered for the "Write a novel in a month" challenge, starting on november. Meanwhile, i got a screenwriting piece of software. MEANWHILE, I decided i want to try installing Word again to write on that.

These are all plot complications, and bad quality ones at that.

The sign of a plot complication is that it appears urgent and necessary, but it actually is not important. What is an important plot complication? it is moral, simple and, in retrospect, obvious. That's it. The phrase "plot complication" is a misnomer. What we are talking about is the essence of story telling, Drama-creation.

Drama-creation is dreamtime mystification, an emmersion in the magical, whereas plot complications are dry abstractions calculated to drive you wild.

And if anything drives me wild, it's having to deal with fucking new computer software.
Click on the link and scroll down to the entry "It's Not Okay" for an idea of what I mean.


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