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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sorry Doctor Demartini, but values clarification is BULLSHIT. Here's why:

I've just discovered that values clarification is bullshit.


If you create values that reflect your present life, then you end up with a boring list.

If you create values that reflect your hopes and aspirations, you have a list that is unrealistic.

If you create a list that is very practical and concrete - for example, "I value doing Karaoke to J-Pop" - then you end up frustrated because life is diverse.

If you create a list of values that is very general and vague, then you end up with fluffy and useless platitudes.

Therefore, whether you focus on the present or the future, on specifics or on generalities, values have no definitive power. They can't define. They can't create. They can't even determine relevant feedback on decisions. They are not only useless, but several years of attempting to "discover my values" have resulted in multiple different values each and every time.

Doctor John Demartini teaches them as practical outcomes, but he is sufficiently general to be useless to most people.

Conclusion: value clarification is garbage. Better off trying something else.

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