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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A humble request: "Dante Alighieri: Writings"

Can somebody please compile a Selected Writings Of Dante Alighieri? Please?

I want none of the Commedia. No Inferno. No Purgatorio. No Paradiso.

I want

- de Monarchia (On World Government),
- de Vulgari Eloquentia (Eloquence in Common Language),
- il Convito (the Banquet, aka Dante's Common Book)
- la Vita Nuova (the New Life, his story of first love and spiritual awakening).

And I want

- Dante's letters and sundry notes, including the Can Grande letter.

Finally, I want short introductions illuminating how each work casts a new light on the Commedia and on Dante's life work as a poet and sage.

Can anyone please help me out with that? Penguin? Oxford? Anyone?

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