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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Australian Political Reform and Global Business Leadership

A Dose of Political Reality...

As democratic citizens, we Australians have 1 choice every 4 years between Liberals (who care for Australia globally) and Labor (who take good care of Australia locally).

We swing between the two because Australia as a quasi-corporation swings between credit (Liberal rulership) and debit (Labor rulership).

Australia Ltd. performs so poorly financially because as a democracy we are hampered by the need to keep up the appearance of civil liberties.

Therefore any issue other than Australia's financial accounting is IRRELEVANT to real-world political dialogue.


The Australian Greens, Democrats and Independents merely foster the illusion of democratic process, while remaining well outside the range of a voting mandate.

Because nothing else matters other than the profit/loss statement of Australia as a business, the impotence of the Greens and Independent is reflected in their lack of leadership-level voting.

Bottom line...

ALL Australian politics is just financial accounting and keeping up the appearence of democracy.

The only useful way to talk about Australian politics is talk about the reform of capitalist democracy.

The rest is media spin, "democratic" white noise, failure of courage and lack of imagination.

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