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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The year begins!

I have been feeling as if I am still waiting for this year to begin for me.

I have reread my goals last year, about a third or quarter of which I attained, and wondering about what to set for this year. I have reread my five year ideals and wondered about the lie of the land ahead of me in time, what to continue and what to stop, and what is the most enjoyable and right path to take. In the midst of all this wondering, I have been enjoying my new partner D.R. and learning to play Euchre and relearning Canasta. It's been a lovely, peaceful kind of time, and in the last few days I've been doing large cleaning projects during the days I don't spend at D.R.'s house.

Last night I visited my best buddy, DGT, and he helped me clarify what was going on.

I formed a new goal for this year. No divergence from my ideal scene, but a simpler and more primary goal comes to the fore this year:

My goal is to be balancing work and creativity the best possible way this year, so that I can enjoy working more and still write plenty of stories and a novel or three.

The year begins finally with that intention!


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