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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh I wish I were involved in biology...

I read tonight from:

"Advances in single-molecule research in the last 15 years have been "revolutionary, not evolutionary," said Stanford biophysicist Steven Block.

""When I was an undergraduate in the early 1970s, the idea of recording data from a single molecule was a pipe dream," he recalled. "No one would ever believe you could do that. It was beyond possibility. Now it is reality. It is literally possible to study the output of a single enzyme at atomic-level resolution."

"In 1993, Block and his colleagues were the first to observe the movement of an individual molecule of kinesin, a tiny protein that carries chromosomes, neurotransmitters and other vital cargo along minute tracks called microtubules in living cells. Using a sensitive microscope-based instrument known as an optical trap, the Block team observed that kinesin moves along microtubules in discrete steps that are a mere 8 nanometers long. "Kinesin and other motor molecules are really nature's nanotechnology.""

I cannot help but read this and yearn to be involved, to take part in the enterprise of biology. It simply is the most exciting game on earth at this moment in history in my opinion.

Tonight I went onto MITs open course materials and began listening to their introduction to biology lectures. It was really slow stuff - the lecturer went on about how Crick and Watson's findings are revolutionary, enabling us to unite the descriptive biology into a technological science with powerful unified principles - but it was exciting nevertheless. I'll definitely be spending more time there listening to lectures, and perhaps one day I'll consider actually getting my degree in one of the biological technologies... however far in the future that is, I have no idea.


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