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Sunday, March 20, 2005

On Evolutionary Ethics

This is a good description of the mind of the heart, or the level of the 500s in the Hawkins scale:

"Emotional reactivity is a highly sensitive and acutely perceptive view of social interactions. Successful and often very wealthy business people and professional diplomats hone their emotional skills in much the same way a professor hones his or her intellectual skills. Getting people to work together or finessing business deals in the millions of dollars very often turn on the most discerning insight into the emotions of a client or future business partner. The reactions of these people to and people around them are highly quantified and executed in their delivery. It is not a literate or mathematical quantification, rather and emotional and symbolic quantification that almost constitutes a language unto itself. It presence a valid form or reasoning and reactivity is evidenced by what these people achieve."


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