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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Thoughts on mind, body, soul and spirit.

Ibascending@a... wrote: in 'What Is Mind?'
> Namaste everyone,
> I've read many posts and have responses in mind. But first I'd like to know
> how you guys define mind, soul, spirit, and what is the electromagnetic energy?
> Once I understand your definitions I can
> respond more clearly to the questions asked of me.
> Peace, Light, and Love,
> Dawn

Hi Dawn,

It is possible to contextualize spirituality into the paradigm of hormonal and neurological processes. But that is, as Milton Erikson said about NLP, getting the subject of study in a nutshell while missing the nut.

Perhaps this is why I immediately found Hawkin's work exciting: the nonlinear realm of soul, spirit, mind, etc are precisely beyond mental definition and cause-effect descriptions of processes.

Just knowing such a realm exists gives me a sense of peace which the reductionistic explanations of spirituality as hormonal and neurological processes could not. These processes are effects of the nonlinear realm.

In Power Versus Force Dr Hawkins talks about the nonlinear nature of hormones. He says the hormone and immune systems are concordant with overall health qaulity; thus small shifts in these systems accompany changes in health and Level of Consciousness. But in the end of that chapter he also mentions laughter and compassion, giving a spiritual context to mind and medicine.

The chakra system is explainable in terms of neurology and hormones; conversely, the neurological and hormonal are explicable in terms of energetic phenomenon. Both are attempts to model the effect of the nonlinear realm.

The computer modelling processes used here is quite interesting. Nonlinear models select information with a deliberately subjective bias of producing a specific effect; accuracy explanation of causation is less important than successfully modelling the interaction of effects. This is considerably more sophisticated than earlier attempts. Santa Fe Institute has been one of the leaders in this nonlinear modelling:


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